Lemon Zaki Services Limited is a major player in the Sesame seed business in Nigeria. We buy, supply and export Sesame Seeds. We serve as middle-men between farmers and foreign buyers, and have experts in various fields who make the growing, sales and exportation of Sesame seeds stress free. We assure you of the availability of good quality Sesame seeds when you buy from us.

Sesame derives its high value from its many uses both in domestic and export markets. The crop is used as an additive for bread and confectionery industry, for food in Middle Eastern cuisines, and as a source of valuable and high quality oil (44 to 55 % oil content). Sesame oil is traded internationally and is rich in vitamin E and has a significant amount of linoleic acid that can control blood cholesterol levels.

In addition, the protein content of the seed is about 26 % and the sulphur containing amino acid methionine is present at a concentration of about 3.4 % (IPGRI 2004) Further, the oil has medicinal and pharmaceutical value and is contained in many health care products. Sesame market is huge and the prospects are enormous.

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